Let's Build A Government For All.

I'm Scott Urbanowski. Like you, I wear several hats: engaged citizen, digital media business owner, community servant, union member, and more. Now, I'm running to wear another hat: Kent County Commissioner.

But I'm not running for myself.

I'm running for my fellow low-income residents, who have few voices at any level of government.

I'm running for my fellow young people. We are not just the future of our community - we are the present, and we will be affected by the Commission’s work for decades to come.

I'm running for our veterans, to whom I owe so much.

I'm running for everyone who depends on the vital services that the County provides, including seniors, the less fortunate, and those facing mental health challenges.

I'm running because I must use my privilege to speak out for the rights of those who don't look like me or have the same physical abilities as me.

I’m running because I know what it’s like to be excluded - and no one should ever be excluded from the work of our government.

I bring to this race a unique background:

  • Experience living below the poverty line - something many elected officials lack.
  • A millennial perspective.
  • Concrete ideas on how to make our community stronger.
  • A knack for innovation.
  • Extensive community involvement.
  • Leadership and oversight experience.
  • Numerous community and professional accomplishments.
  • 28 years as a resident of the 12th District.

I invite you to learn about my background, learn about my vision for Kent County, and share your own ideas below. In addition, your generous donation to my campaign will help get our vision for an inclusive County to residents across the 12th district.

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