Scott's Vision: A County for All

Services For All

  • Support our veterans, to whom we civilians owe so much
  • Protect seniors, the poor, and all who face physical or mental disabilities
  • Ensure equity and fairness in all County services
  • Oppose 911 consolidation unless it can be proven that service won't be hampered
  • Enhance our County parks

Health And Safety For All

  • Invest in infrastructure, including roads and bridges
  • Prioritize lead testing to protect residents' health
  • Protect our water and other natural resources
  • Hold corporations accountable when they endanger our well-being
  • Make County government more environmentally friendly

Opportunity For All

  • Support local businesses by shifting County spending to Kent County-based companies
  • Protect the rights of workers, without whom the County couldn't function
  • Address the affordable housing crisis, which affects all residents
  • Continue the County's efforts to preserve farmland and open space
  • Support the proposed early childhood millage

A Government For All

  • Increase transparency
  • Recruit a more diverse pool of members to County committees and commissions
  • Prevent the Sheriff's department from working with ICE, which has needlessly and cruelly separated families seeking asylum
  • Oppose pay raises for County officials beyond the rate of inflation
  • Maximize citizen input on all issues facing the Commission
  • Support fair districts and oppose the despicable practice of gerrymandering

Creekside Park

Creekside Park